WebFWD is a global mentorship program which is designed to help developers make their dreams and ideas a reality. The idea however has to have a business model in mind because the whole idea is to foster entrepreneurial potential and development on the web as well as offer a solution to a contemporary issue. Mainly it supports web and app developments and to apply you must have at least half of your idea’s prototype or working code on The program offers you training for about 3 months which on completion you get mentorship and relevant funding to complete it.

It has helped a number of popular enterprises such as

You can read more and apply here.

Reps Program

The Reps Program is the heart of most of the Mozilla projects. The volunteers that contribute to Mozilla in different regions and countries are often enrolled as Mozilla reps. There are currently few reps in our community in Uganda and we need more though to become a rep in Mozilla Uganda you have to first be a contributor and participate in at least 3 events understand the objectives then you apply to become a rep and you must be above 18 years.

Read more about being a rep here.

Student Reps

You can represent Mozilla in your school or university by applying to become a student rep. The application process is simple and quick. From a student rep it is easy to change to a Mozilla Rep.

Read more about it here and the activities you can do.

Open Badges

There are always those skills we learn from events, online, through reading notes by ourselves, helping out others but we never get awarded any document or academic papers for them yet we may be really good in these fields and they matter. That is why open badges where formed. It started as a Mozilla project to reward those who contributed or developed for Mozilla to be a reference of their work in the future, but the project was later diversified and changed. Today there are over 400 organizations and 40 Academic institutions worldwide that accept and use Open Badges and the best news is they are coming to Uganda soon.

For more about Open Badges, go here.

Mozilla-Knight Program (Journalism – OpenNews)

The OpenNews major objective is to help Journalists, writers, media broadcasters and coders to come up with solutions to their current problems to develop better ways of distributing and providing content. Mozilla and the Knight Foundation partnered up to offer support and sponsor these endeavours. You can also host a hack day in your community or apply if you’re a developer with the desire to change the face of journalism for the Mozilla Knight Fellow to go and develop for big media and news corps like BBC, Al Jazeera. Read more or apply here.

Army of Awesome

Army of Awesome is a form of support where you sign in with a twitter I.D and help with answering the queries asked or problems. There are always forms and links of answers to similar most frequently asked questions, if you fail to answer the question and there is no solution in the forms, then you forward to the support forum. It is quite fun an experience. We have very few Ugandan supporters from our army L please consider helping.

If you’re interested, you can start here.



SUMO is Mozilla Support. Here all the problems and questions concerning all the Mozilla products are posted and responded to. It is very similar to Army of Awesome; in fact army of awesome is under SUMO. Most of the help provided here is by volunteers who understand that specific problem. Signing up is easy and the platform has forums, you can take your time while answering a problem or get multiple answers to it, from which you choose one or try them all.

Isn’t that amazing? Why don’t go here and sign-up to help other fellow Ugandans.

  • Ogwang Denis

    I like the innovative opportunities with Mozilla Uganda………Indeed, you are a real inspiration to the Ugandan Communities….Keep it up!