There are several activities you can partake as a contributor and rep in our community. They are voluntary and most of them resourceful activities that are sponsored and supported by the Mozilla Foundation.

You can always read anything you want from Mozilla, its activities, programs by accessing it through the

Contributor Meetings

This is the most important activity in the community, because it is the back bone of all the preparations, organisation, mobilisation and implementation of all the other activities. The community should have a meeting with its contributors and reps at least once or twice a month or as often as they can capacitate so as to discuss what is going on in the community, news, targets, achievements, introduce new contributors and plan ahead.


MozCoffee/ MozCafe

This is a small scale informal meet up of 10 up to 20 persons (They can go up to 30 or 40, but it is not advisable) and committee members where a report of recent activities and upcoming projects of a community is given as well as getting ideas and feedback from the general public. The idea for this event is to be easily reproducible and as frequent as possible, serving as a meeting point and reference event for local communities. It be should be about 2-3 hours.


Web Maker Events:

Mozilla was formed with the main objective of helping people shift from being only users or consumers of web content to being web makers and as such they came up with several simple web tools such as Thimble, Popcorn and documentation to make this as easy as possible to teach people through the following activities:

Kitchen Table

This is a small activity which you can hold from around 2-5 people or your family at home, learn to use the tools and post your content. This is quite rare in the Uganda community.


This can be held to handle more people from around 10-20 people or more and is often organised by the Mozilla Reps or contributors. This is the most commonly held in the Uganda Community.


Pop-Up is the largest of all and usually involves 1-2 or more organisations that come together for a web making activity. It has never been implemented yet.

Learn more about these events, how to organise and make one today here.

Firefox Flicks Competition

It’s a video contest. It’s an opportunity to reach millions of Firefox users and inspire them to get mobilized. It’s a chance to win great prizes and be seen by celebrity judges who can make your moviemaking dreams come true. Apply or check out here.


This is a project also known as the Global Youth Open Source Project later to be hosted at Initially founded under web maker to find out what the youth would do on the web with the question, “If you were given the power to change the web, what would you do with it?” It is aimed at making the youth Project creators and contributors with Mozilla support if need be. The project is also aimed at teaching the youth and giving them access to the several open source tools available globally and enable them to effectively use them.


GameJam is a competition where potential participants design web games and submit them to gamejam or you apply for support to host a GameJam in your local community. It is also supported by Mozilla to improve and increase the number of games available. So if you’re a game developer, you wouldn’t want to miss this.


Another initiative to boost journalism by bringing Writers, Journalists and coders/ hackers to develop better and more solutions that can improve the way information is broadcasted, shared, accessed and received. Mozilla with Knight Foundation through mozillaopennews offers support for journalists and even sponsors Hack days, events meant to develop news solutions.

Firefox OS App Hacks

Mozilla has developed a new mobile OS called Firefox OS, a very beautiful effort indeed. If you haven’t seen or heard about it, you can do so by going here. The Firefox OS brings the Open web to your mobile devices and now better than ever runs entirely on web based apps using the languages HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Imagine the ability to hack your own phone. This is also good news for developers because the apps develop here are cross-platform and work almost on any platform. That is why we hold Firefox OS App events, so as to help developers think of ideas, build and publish their apps to the Firefox Market Place and the best bit is they are free to make them commercial or free.

Booths and Representation at other Events

As a Mozilla Rep or contributor, you can represent Mozilla at other events such as Hackathons, conferences, tech events and even speak on behalf of Mozilla in Uganda provided the Community Lead or manager is aware of this. You can also set up a booth, display and talk about Mozilla products, the community in Uganda, answer questions, train them and even enrol new contributors.

  • San James

    Also, in Mozilla we inspire innovation on the open web. List above is not exhaustive, but just a few of what we already do. If you have a great idea that can be explored on the internet. Feel free to share with our vibrant community and together we will turn it into a reality!!

  • Vuyisile Ndlovu

    Nice work guys,

  • Michelle

    Great to see this list of activities! You all are so active.

    Love to hear what kinds of events you’ve enjoyed and what you’d like to host over the next year.

    • mozcomug

      Thank you so much Michelle. Yes, we will always share our events and what we are to host here on the site and with you.

      -Lawk 🙂