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  • San James

    You can also send us an email directly at info [AT] mozilla-uganda [DOT] org and we will attend to you shortly.

    Thank you!

  • dennis kariuki

    hi..Mozilla Uganda I am From Kenya,and i was wondering what can someone do so that to be able to join you guys because u r Transforming the world.I would humbly love to join the Mozilla family by being a Mozilla Rep and i don’t know where to start.We have been communicating with @alifya037 a Kenyan Mozilla Rep and she told me i can start small by localizing and for the past few days i have been localizing content for the Firefox OS project.
    Would love to hear from you through @mbuyukaris /
    Thank you..
    God bless Mozilla Family

  • dennis kariuki

    Thank You Lawrence For You Reply….I Humbly Request If There Is Anything I can Contribute Or even Participate In Your Activities Inbox Me.@alify037 Told Me I Can Participate In Different Activities And Also I Can Contribute In The Ways I Can.

    Thank You

    • mozcomug

      Hello Dennis,

      Alifiyah is your Community Lead I guess, so she has the best ways to help you get started right away.


  • Lebron Brian S

    i need to be vouched

    lebrton brian