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The best supereasy step is always to begin by signing up at

Before you decide to join the Mozilla Uganda Community you should be aware that being a Mozilla Contributor or Rep is entirely voluntary and if you are looking for work or a job with a salary I’m afraid this is not it. Joining Mozilla is free and no one must make you pay any fee for anything whatsoever. We are a non-profit community.

You must have the passion, self drive and here it’s all fun. It’s not a must that you must be tech savvy, a programmer or an internet genius, anyone can join the community. Of course contributing with Mozilla will bear its advantages 🙂

You can always keep with our updates by Signing-up to the Mozilla Uganda mailing list.

You can email us at or use the contact form if you’ve any query or run into any problems. Thank you.
  • ojokit ivan

    its a creative idea that should be implemented
    by all means i am willing to buy this idea

    • Lawrence Kisuuki

      Didn’t understand your input

  • odongo solomon

    i want to join you