TRAIN A TRAINER – Mozilla Uganda delves into webmaker tools

The Web is a huge playground. Vast enough to accommodate every creative idea and skill present and yet to come. In our context, Mozilla represents that window of opportunity free to all, to extend those boundary walls farther, one web tool at a time.

After day one of the Webmakers training event, it’s true that Mozilla-Uganda is in overdrive to get everyone equipped for the web.

So here’s an inside look on what’s happening within the community.


Merely weeks after the Australis celebration, 50 trainers got together at Hotel Triangle with one mighty goal – To learn to teach the Web.  With a full day ahead of them, these trainers clustered into small groups, worked out the group dynamics and went on to explore the various Mozilla Webmaker Tools. Thimble, Popcorn, X Ray Goggles and the like were all brought out to play as the trainers got a refresher course on each.

The impact these trainers now have is inspiring because this online playground we call the Web, needs Webmakers to lay the tracks to the future.

What we can all expect from day one of this event is a more equipped team of Mozillians that won’t hesitate to share, explore, tinker and create an open web for everyone.

Tomorrow holds another milestone.