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On 29th March we held a Webmaker event where students and developers witnessed the power and the possibilities of the open web by Mozilla.

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The event was graced by 64 participants at the beginning of the event but the number kept growing as time went on. We planned to have 50 attendees but we had over 90 registrations 24hrs before the event day, so we sent invites to 70 participants out of all those who applied for the event.
The event was opened by a senior lecturer at the faculty of science and technology  Uganda Christian University, Ms. Asiimwe Rebecca , who coordinated the event organization and welcomed us, she gave her views about the open web and showed a lot of support and encouraged the students to embrace the Mozilla projects.

 We had participants from UCU , Makerere university and Kampabits institute who were all enthusiasts and were so interested in webmaker tools. We had told them before how remixing and hacking with the webmaker tools was fun.
 The session started off with a short introduction of the community members and San James went on to introduce the Mozilla community, the Mozilla foundation, its projects and how to contribute.
jamesIt was followed by sessions on Firefox Students Ambassadors (by Joy) and FirefoxOS (by Micheal and Lebron James) which included a short demo of an application by Lebron.
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We started off the web making session introducing the tools to the participants;
IMG_5660it was not hard because the participants already had knowledge about JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Despite the fact that they were using the tools for the first time with limited internet, and being given only two hours, they managed to come up with 15 makes, these are some of the makes participants came up with.
We awarded the best four makes with the best coming from a group of guys who made a very good mix showing Uganda’s independence history, Here are some of the makes from the event:
It was amazing seeing the students and techies showing so much interest and the passion while voting the best makes of the day, with so much interest, they asked us to go back to have more events there.
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Thanks to Mozilla.