Hive Pop-Up Seroma

On the 19th of March 2015, the Mozilla Uganda community team went to Seroma Christian High school, with over 50 students gushing into the labs to attend the event,it could not have been any better an experience in an event. When we got to the school, the reception was immense and the interest, the intrigue was explicit as the students asked Information Technology related questions.

Moses Echodu did give the students a brief into the knowledge of what the Mozilla Foundation is all about and the Mozilla Uganda community and the advantages that come with being part of an amazing community.

Given the lack of time, we had to dive into the real practical bit of the business and that is where Lebron Brian took the students through the AppMaker tool that they found very interesting. Many students found this tool very beneficial given the fact that they too, could use it to contribute to the development to several apps that there school could use. The students were very amazed at what the tool could do and by the time we left, some were already creating their own apps……..the feeling was so wonderful and satisfactory!!!!!!!!


The event lead, Matovu Moses then took the students through the webmaker tool of Thimble that amazed the students since they were able to preview their work. It was more engaging and sharing oriented as they were coding and previewing. The majority of them lacked the coding knowledge but the interest to learn was evident on their faces and the girls seemed very much more interested in it.

There was no need to have a break, so we decided to work as well as have refreshments and eats at the same time, an idea that was very much welcomed by the students as many of them were just thrilled at what they were learning.

Moses Echodu summed up the learning sessions by taking the teams through the Webmaker tool of Popcorn and the excitment was just sumptuous to see. The students showed so much love for popcorn and even asked questions as to whether two separate videos can be merged.


We wrapped up the day with an amazing photo shoot with the students and a debrief. The teachers and the learners said that the event was really good and even requested that the Mozilla Uganda community team goes back for another session so that the students can learn more. The event was tremendous and lovely.

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