Makerere University Firefox student ambassador team visits Kyambogo University

The Firefox student ambassador team from Makerere University visited the Firefox student ambassador team of Kyambogo University. The team was led by Joyce Nalwadda, the Firefox Student Lead for Makerere University with the aim of creating more awareness and opportunities about the Firefox student ambassador program at Kyambogo University. 1Makerere University Firefox Student Ambassadors arriving at Kyambogo University, led by Okae Andrew (Firefox Student Ambassador at Kyambogo University)

The afternoon event started with a presentation by Joy. She started by explaining what Firefox Student Ambassador means (FSA). These are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products – especially Firefox OS. However this is different from being a Mozilla Rep (ReMo). A Mozilla Rep is one who gets to be selected to represent Mozilla in their countries or region, promote the Mozilla Project and mission as well as inspire, support and mentor future Mozilla Reps.

Picture2Joyce Nalwadda presenting to Kyambogo University Students about Firefox Student Programme.

In her presentation, she shared what it means to be FSA, differences between FSA and a Mozilla Rep and as well as the benefits of the FSA program. She also went explained some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the FSA program including; What a Firefox Student Ambassador is, the difference between a Firefox Student Ambassadador and a Mozilla Rep, some of the rewards for being a Firefox Student Ambassador, how to register for the program and the activities they do among others. Picture3Kyambogo University Students listening to one of the presenters

Joyce then called upon Ssekalegga Brian, Firefox Student App winner for the month of October who gave a brief introduction on the development of this app.It’s a study HTML5 app which makes studying easier by providing students with time tables. Picture4

 Ssekalegga Brian giving a brief presentation about his HTML5 app

Asa Lugada also a Firefox student ambassador gave an introduction on Mozilla as a non-profit organization as well as the work, and activities that are run by Mozilla Uganda. Picture6Asa Lugada a Firefox Student Ambassador giving a presentation on the work done Mozilla Community Uganda

He encouraged the students to get involved with Firefox OS which was launched this year. This is a new platform which offers so many opportunities for developers to develop and have their apps run on the Firefox markets.He concluded by encouraging the student to stay in touch with Mozilla Uganda programmes through the community mailing list, social media pages and  community blog; Picture7

Firefox Student Ambassadors of Makerere University and Kyambogo University (Group photo)

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