FirefoxOS Hackathon

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FirefoxOS hackathon started with remarks from the Vice Chancellor of UTAMU professor Jude Lubega welcoming us all and encouraging the attendees to be keen on what we had for them and to always adapt to new technologies, San James the Mozilla-Uganda community lead then went on and talked about the community, Mozilla’s projects and how to participate.

We started with an awesome number of around 60 attendees who couldn’t wait to hear what we had for them and the number kept growing till we had a full house.

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After a short break,with all attendees listening so attentively, JB took them through the components behind FirefoxOS(Gonk,Gaia and Gecko), the different open web API’s  and the opportunities developers have with the power behind HTML5 and the other web technologies.

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Victor Karanja our visiting rep from kenya took over and and gave a recap about the FirefoxOS device and its technologies. He took guys through how to develop web apps for the new open web Operating System. He demoed one of his apps, the Kenyan election app that is on the market place, He later went through sample codes of an app with emphasis on using the manifest file, local storage within the device and how to package the applications developed.

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We later had a Q&A session where guys asked different questions mostly about the FirefoxOS market place, we took the questions and also heard suggestions from the attendees,One of which suggested FirefoxOS apps not to only be available on the FirefoxOS market place but also on other stores.

After the presentations we started the hacking part of the hackathon Day. Based on the QuickNote app that victor had taken them through on, people started to work on their apps right away.

After three hours we wrapped things up with everybody presenting their apps. We had a total of eight apps created. All the apps demoed were really great and we had a hard time deciding on the best three apps to award.

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Some of the apps demoed included!

  1. Q-game: an application that allows  you set questions for an child and they answer the questions and the app awards grades
  2. Mozillamashup: an app that lists Mozilla events according to the selected country and also has a community of developers whom  you can get in contact with in-case you need help.
  3. Edema Control Adviser: app that advices on edema and provides tips on how to control edema
  4. Yaka: an app that calculates power usage in homes
  5. Excel:Application that prepares Primary Seven, Senior Four and Senior Six candidates for their final exams by providing practice questions in the form of quizzes
  6. Pocket tracer: Helps manage daily expenses
  7. Help Me: an app that gives first aid tips
  8. I-cycle: an app that helps you calculate safe days of your spouse
  9. Condom-Sniper: App that helps locate nearest place to find condoms around you
  10. SMS-mobile: for sending bulk sms messages

The best three apps were awarded with awesome swag from Mozilla which marked the end of the day

I would like to thank all those who made this event a success,with efforts from Reps Council Victor, James and the whole community for helping with the event, and of course UTAMU for giving us space for the event.

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