MozCafe kampala

Mozilla MozCafe event

VENUE: Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

Makerere University

About event:

The event started at around 2:30 Uganda Time with jb starting the introductions of what the event is about and a brief about the community. It was then followed by introductions where people gave brief introductions about themselves and what they do. San James took over and posed some questions and passed out some papers to collect feedback from the audience, some of the questions he posed were what guys expect from the event, what they know about Mozilla and any projects they have been involved in.


San James addressing the audience

He chose some four random guys who gave their opinions and answers about the questions he had posed and the winner was to get some swag. The winner was awarded with a t-shirt. He went ahead and talked about the community and the achievements it has got, more about Mozilla and all its projects and how people can get involved, he also talked about the reps program, the council and how the mentors do their job for the Mozilla reps. He also motivated the mozillians so that they can contribute more in open source web. Lawrence took over and talked about the different opportunities Mozilla gives and the different projects including popcorn, web maker, flicks, and robotics.


Lawrence talking about web maker projects

Some questions were posed and he went ahead and answered them relating to the different areas he had talked about. I took up (jb) and talked about the firefoxOS and how to get involved and later opened up for ideas and questions where a lot of suggestions were made


Jb giving the talk

The event was attended by 34 people involving mozillians and some other Mozilla enthusiasts plus the 3 mozilla-uganda reps

Some of the suggestions that were made were:making more noise about Mozilla, creating developer challenges, helping the feminine sex and many more.

After guys had given their questions, ideas and opinions it was time to have some refreshments. There was ongoing interaction during the refreshments session. San James, Lawrence kisuuki and ochieng jb the Mozilla reps were meanwhile busy answering questions from different Mozilla enthusiasts. After the refreshments, we took a group photo of the mozilla-uganda March event which was fun time. We met up after the event and talked about how to organize the next events which marked the end of the mozcafe event. The event metrics were all successful where: We signed up more than 6 new contributors,we got 5 new Firefox OS developers and finally 7 new members to the web maker projects. unfortunately the blogger we had contacted did not make it due to some unavoidable circumstances but thanks to our own blog. DSC07991

MozCafe group photo

Thanks to all that attended and all that made it worth it. A big thank you to Mozilla. DSC08036 DSC07990 DSC08038 DSC08037 DSC07997 DSC07996 DSC07995 DSC07992 DSC08004 DSC08018 DSC07991

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